Catholic Schools Week 2019

Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 1/25/2019

Service Project: Soup cans for State College Food Bank


Sunday: Spread Kindness Like Confetti!  Catholic Schools Week Kick Off!

  • What to wear? OLVCS students should wear mass uniforms; preschoolers should wear preschool t-shirt or light blue shirt.
  • What to look forward to? 9:30AM Mass followed by OLVCS Open House at the big school gym for coffee and donuts. 
  • What to do? Dine at Kelly's Steak and Seafood between 5P-8P. Mention OLV Preschool and 10% of your total food purchase will be donated to our school!

Monday: Spread Kindness Through Our World

  • What to wear? Walk-a-thon shirts
  • What to look forward to? Opening assembly in OLVCS Gym at 7:50am. Early drop off preschoolers will walk over to the big school gym for a special celebration

Tuesday:Spread Kindness Through Classmates

  • What to wear? Crazy socks, silly hats, etc.
  • What to bring? Soup cans for Food Bank
  • What to look forward to? OLVCS 8th graders will visit our Preschool classes to share a special reading time. 

Wednesday:Spread Kindness Through Our Families

  • What to wear? A solid color shirt--determined per class
  • What to bring? Last day to bring in soup cans
  • What to look forward to? “Soup-er Family Night” at OLV Preschool 5:45PM-6:45PM

Thursday:Spread Kindness to Rectory

  • What to look forward to? Card making for priests at rectory and office staff
  • What to wear? PJ Day at Preschool Only; OLVCS Students wear School Uniforms

Friday:Spread Kindness Through Sportsmanship

  • What to wear? Favorite Sports Shirt or Jersey
  • What to look forward to? OLVCS Volleyball at 1:30PM for ESP and Afternoon Students; St. Joe’s students visit preschool classes in the morning