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Substitute Teacher

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is accepting applications for a Substitute Teacher. This teacher is responsible for performing the regular teacher's class plan while this teacher is absent.

The ideal candidate has a Bachelors degree or higher, a valid teaching certificate and instructional experience at the elementary and/or middle school level. 

To apply for this position,

1. Applicants should send an email of interest with their resume to the school office.

2. Following an initial interview, applicants will be asked to submit the following for review by the Education Office of the Diocese of Altoona Johnstown:

  • PA Standard Application OR Diocesan Teaching Application
  • College transcripts
  • Teaching Certification
  • Three letters of recommendation (two professional, one from pastor)
  • Current (within one year) Act 151, Act 34, and Act 114 clearances
  • Act 168 Employment History Check
  • Completion of Diocesan Youth Protection Program