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Playground Installation Near Completion

When you drive through the parking lot, you may notice that substantial progress has been made on the construction of the new OLVCS playground. It is a few weeks away from completion.
The students, faculty, and staff of OLVCS want to send a special thank you to Maria and Brian Spencer who were the driving force behind the project. Without their dedication and generous donation, the project would never have gotten off the ground. We would also like to thank the Darnell and Kurpeikis families for their support in making this project a success. 
Additional thanks is given to Dave Silner and Nick Boyle who have been generously volunteering their time and expertise while leading the construction and assembly of the playground. They are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. 
As we near completion of the project, volunteers will be need to assist with spreading  stone and mulch.  Watch for an email requesting assistance as we get closer to those dates.