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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 5/8/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    I am so grateful for the love, support, and prayers from all of our preschool family! Although last week we had to suspend our preschool year, I am happy to report that we did receive the funding from the small business loan to continue to pay all of our preschool staff for an additional 8 weeks. Classroom teachers will be in touch regarding classroom closing programs and wrapping up the school year, if they haven't already. 

    I also want to thank everyone for the very special support you provided our teachers this week! God is love, and I was reminded of this love as teachers reported class parades, gift cards, videos of thanks, and special notes from their students and families. 




    OLV Preschool Story Time

    Join OLV Preschool for a special good-night story tonight at 7PM. Come with your favorite stuffed animal and pajamas. Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 321 749 8799

    Password: 116100


    Girl Scouts Daisy Launch

    Girls going into Kindergarten or First grade in the fall can participate in the Daisy Launch. They can complete the activity page to earn a patch, and can be placed into a troop if they choose to join. Learn more at or contact Megan Roberts at to learn more!


    A Note from Fara Lippencott Photography

    Dear OLV Parents and Guardians,

    Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this new "normal" we are experiencing.  Your child's school photos are ready to be accessed in the online albums below. You have the opportunity to purchase prints, standout mounts, and digital images. Special to this particular time I am offering the opportunity to purchase the digital files of the classroom image.  Please respect the privacy of other families and do not share the digital file of the classroom photos on social media or any public forum. You may share the digital file of your child's individual photo as you please.  If you opt for digital files you can use the print release to have your files printed according to your preferences, where you please.

    The online print lab I use is experiencing delays as they navigate the government's safety precautions in their state, so print orders will take a little longer than usual. Since OLV Preschool is currently closed you have the option to select to have your prints shipped to you via USPS, or you can select studio pick and you can pick up your product at 611 East Foster Ave, State College.  If you select digital files they will be made available to you via the ShootProof sight upon receipt of payment. 

    *If your child's photo is not in their class album now it will be added over the weekend*

    Thank you and enjoy these sweet faces!

    Stay healthy,

    Fara Lippincott

    f.a.l. design photography


    Classroom Online Links:


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