• Coding Clubs
    Coding classes are offered at OLVCS as an after school activity. Students explore programming through a series of interactive puzzles and collaborative activities. During class, students practice logic, problem solving, and creativity. 
    The students take an annual field trip to Penn State's Applied Research Lab where they experience real world applications of computer programming. 
    Read more about the Fall 2016 FAME Lab trip here.
    Read more about the Spring 2016 DATA Lab trip here
    Scratch Logo
       Coding with Scratch:
         Create your own interactive games, stories, and animations.
          Think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively


    code.org link for 3B students Fundamentals of Computer Science: 
    • Programming Concepts: This includes algorithms, programs, loops, and if then else statements.
    • Mathematical skills: Adding and subtracting pixels, determining angle measurements, and critical thinking are applied to complete levels on Code.org.
    • Language/Social Skills: By participating in Pair Programming, the students take turns acting as the driver or navigator while coding.