• Flexible Instruction Day

    Flexible Instruction Day is an instruction format that will be used for situations when we have advanced notice that school will not be in session due to severe weather, law emergency, damage to the school building, or another situation preventing use of the school building for a short period of time.

    Below summarizes important points about this format:

    • FID is NOT remote instruction.

    • OLVCS parents/guardians will receive notification of an FID via text/email/phone call from the School Messenger system.

    • On the day before FID, students in grades K-5 will be given information about FID assignments by their teacher. Assignments will also be posted on Schoology.

    • Middle school students will be given information about assignments by email and on Schoology.

    • Work may be done at the student's own pace on the day that school is not in session.

    • FID assignments MUST turned in as instructed by the student's teacher(s) within two days of your student returning to school.

    • If a student does not turn in the work by due date, he/she will be marked absent for the FID and will not receive credit for assignments

    For more detailed information, download the FID Parent Letter or contact your student's homeroom teacher or the school office.