• Our Lady of Victory Catholic Schools
    Faith Development

    Christian formation in the gospel values, community service, and self-discipline prepares Catholic school students for the challenges they face today and will in the future. 

    At OLV Preschool the children learn that each is a gift from God and that they can speak to Him as a friend.  Children are introduced to Catholic prayers and liturgy. For example, our teachers teach our students simple prayers and songs, and celebrate Catholic feast days and other religious holidays. Our goal is to help each child to develop a relationship with Christ. 

    A firm understanding of the Catholic faith is vital to the spiritual well-being of Catholics. In grades K through 8, OLVCS students will study and learn the precepts of the Catholic Church. Religion class is taught 4 days a week to all students in grades K-8. OLVCS uses the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a Religion instruction curriculum that is approved by the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Education Office.  Elementary and middle school students attend Mass regularly at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church. At this Mass, OLVCS students serve as readers, altar servers, and greeters, as well as fulfill other duties for the Mass.  Students in grade 2 prepare for the sacraments of Reconcilation and Eucharist.

    Throughout the school year all elementary and middle school students will also go to church on Holy Days of Obligation, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, participate in the Stations of the Cross, Rosary, and May Crowning, as well as other devotions and prayer services.

    Throughout the course of the year, students in grades K-8 put Catholic social teaching into action by participating in a variety of service projects. These projects are often done in conjunction with the Jared Box Project, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Charities, and Catholic Relief Services.  All OLVCS students contribute to class-specific service projects in conjunction with the celebration of OLV Day and to other school-wide projects throughout the year.  Each OLVCS Middle School student personally volunteers at least 20 hours per school year. 

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