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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 5/8/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    I am so grateful for the love, support, and prayers from all of our preschool family! Although last week we had to suspend our preschool year, I am happy to report that we did receive the funding from the small business loan to continue to pay all of our preschool staff for an additional 8 weeks. Classroom teachers will be in touch regarding classroom closing programs and wrapping up the school year, if they haven't already. 

    I also want to thank everyone for the very special support you provided our teachers this week! God is love, and I was reminded of this love as teachers reported class parades, gift cards, videos of thanks, and special notes from their students and families. 




    OLV Preschool Story Time

    Join OLV Preschool for a special good-night story tonight at 7PM. Come with your favorite stuffed animal and pajamas. Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 321 749 8799

    Password: 116100


    Girl Scouts Daisy Launch

    Girls going into Kindergarten or First grade in the fall can participate in the Daisy Launch. They can complete the activity page to earn a patch, and can be placed into a troop if they choose to join. Learn more at or contact Megan Roberts at to learn more!


    A Note from Fara Lippencott Photography

    Dear OLV Parents and Guardians,

    Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this new "normal" we are experiencing.  Your child's school photos are ready to be accessed in the online albums below. You have the opportunity to purchase prints, standout mounts, and digital images. Special to this particular time I am offering the opportunity to purchase the digital files of the classroom image.  Please respect the privacy of other families and do not share the digital file of the classroom photos on social media or any public forum. You may share the digital file of your child's individual photo as you please.  If you opt for digital files you can use the print release to have your files printed according to your preferences, where you please.

    The online print lab I use is experiencing delays as they navigate the government's safety precautions in their state, so print orders will take a little longer than usual. Since OLV Preschool is currently closed you have the option to select to have your prints shipped to you via USPS, or you can select studio pick and you can pick up your product at 611 East Foster Ave, State College.  If you select digital files they will be made available to you via the ShootProof sight upon receipt of payment. 

    *If your child's photo is not in their class album now it will be added over the weekend*

    Thank you and enjoy these sweet faces!

    Stay healthy,

    Fara Lippincott

    f.a.l. design photography


    Classroom Online Links:


    Password: monkeys


    Polar Bears:

    Password: polarbears



    Password: penguins



    Password: koalas



    Password: kangaroos



    Password: frogs

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  • End of Year Transition

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 4/29/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    It has been a blessing to continue to serve you during this unprecedented time. As we approach the end of April we would typically be thinking about wrapping up the year and transitioning into summer. This year, however, I am sad to say, will look quite a bit different than in previous years. 
    Today, I was informed by Fr. Dadey that our preschool would need to end our traditional school year by the end of the week. Diocesan regulations prohibit us from serving families in the same capacity as we have done in the past. I have asked teachers to reach out to you with respect to wrapping up the year. Please look for an email from your teacher by the end of the week. 
    I am grateful for those who have continued to faithly provide tuition and support to our school. At this time, however, due to the decreased financial assistance available from OLV Church--which typically provides a subsidy to our preschool--we will no longer be able to pay our teachers. We have applied for a small business loan, and been approved, but, unfortunately, funds are not available at this time. 
    My heart is heavy. I love and miss all of you dearly. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful. 


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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 4/17/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    I pray you are all well and finding some peace in our new "normal" with your families. Please see the attached picture from our preschool staff. I am so grateful for our educators who continue to offer support and instruction for our preschoolers. I am including a link to our google doc that has all of our Zoom times and classes available. If you have individual questions we are all available to chat with you. I encourage you to reach out to set up a time as you need. 
    A few thoughts as we approach May. I am saddened that we will not be able to hold our traditional closing program. We plan to put together a slide-show to share with families at the end of the year (as we typically do). We also have several students that will be moving on to kindergarten next year. We are currently discussing ways to honor this transition, if there is a specific idea you would like to share  with me, I am open to suggestions on how to best do this. 
    Additionally, at the end of the year our principal, Mrs. Samantha Weakland, at OLVCS will be retiring. Given the current situation, we are unable to hold any special events or recognition for her. However, we are hosting a card shower. If your family would like to participate you may send a card to Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy at 901 Boalsburg Pike, Boalsburg, PA 16827 no later than June 1st. Cards will be compiled and presented to Mrs. Weakland on the last day of school, June 4th. Let's try to surprise her with a huge basket of cards! Home-made cards are encouraged!
    A huge thank you to those who sent in tuition payments for or preschool. This helps to keep our teachers paid through April. If you'd like to send in a tuition payment please send it to OLV Preschool, 810 Westerly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801. Checks should be payable to OLV Catholic Church with OLV Preschool in the subject line. 
    Prayers and Donations for our Frontline Workers
    Mount Nittany Health  and the Meadows Psychiatric Center are  currently accepting donations.  Your gift will help keep our teams safe and continue the fight against COVID 19. If you would like to donate to Mount Nittany Health, please go to
    and complete the online form. If you would like to donate to the Meadows Psychiatric Center, please see the attached form for immediate needs. 
    Inspirational Speaker Series
    Scott Fried, an award-winning speaker and author, is leading a series of virtual gatherings for the State College community to help provide inspiration and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information see the full article at,1482969/
    SCASD offers Free Meals to Children
    All district families, regardless of income, are eligible for free breakfast and lunch t
    o be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Families can register to receive meals at (


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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 4/10/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    While we are apart, our teachers and staff hold all of our OLV Preschool Family close to our heart this Easter. We pray you find joy and hope as we celebrate this Easter. 
    We will continue to provide virtual learning options for our preschoolers and their families at this time. Classes have been meeting online via Zoom weekly. If you are unsure of what time to meet, please reach out to your child's teacher directly. We love seeing and spending time with our families. Teachers are also providing resource and lesson information for families to use at home if they choose to.  As a reminder, while we are not charging tuition for April and May, if you are able to send in tuition payments the money will go directly to continue to pay our teachers who continue to work hard during this time. Checks can be made payable to OLV Catholic Church with "OLV Preschool" in the memo line and mailed to OLV Preschool at 810 Westerly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801.
    The week after Easter is the Week of the Young Child. Traditionally, we would have a week of fun celebrations with our preschool classes. As we are not able to do this in person, I am inviting families to participate  by sending  me a video clip of children and families singing "This Little Light of Mine". I will compile all of the videos I receive by next Tuesday (4/14) and share it to our OLV Preschool Facebook page. If you would like to participate, please send a short clip (no longer than 1 minute, please) of your child or your family singing a verse of "This Little Light of Mine" to me at no later than 4/14. 
    Acts of Kindness for India
    We want to share with you that our Lenten Project to help support the Roman Catholic Primary School in India is still going strong!  We have seen (through zoom) and heard so many great stories from our families about their banks at home and amazing Acts of Kindness.  Please hold on to your family banks and you can either give them to us as soon as this is all over OR we may have some more information coming soon about a way to make online donations.  We are so grateful for your support, love and prayers.
    Mount Nittany Health Prayers and Donations
    Mount Nittany Health  is  currently accepting gifts of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as manufactured masks in unopened containers, gloves, face shields and other supplies rated for healthcare or lab use. Your gift will help keep our teams safe and continue the fight against COVID 19. If you would like to donate please go to
    and complete the online form. 
    Online Scholastic Book Fair
    It's here! We've opened this online fair as a way to support our families while we are safe inside at this time. There is no better vacation than a good book! Shop our Scholastic Book Fair at safely from home, and our school earns 25% back in scholastic dollars. 
    Inspirational Speaker Series
    Scott Fried, an award-winning speaker and author, is leading a series of virtual gatherings for the State College community to help provide inspiration and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information see the full article at,1482969/. 
    Summer Program
    We are still planning on opening for our summer program as scheduled at this point. If you  would like to sign up for summer, please complete the summer program forms at You may mail forms to our office at 810 Westerly Pkwy, State College, PA 16801. I am periodically at the school to check the mail and phone messages. 
    SCASD offers Free Meals to Children
    All district families, regardless of income, are eligible for free breakfast and lunch to be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Families can register to receive meals at ( 
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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 4/3/2020
    Dear OLV Preschool Family,
    We are zooming away! Thank you all for helping us keep up with offering digital preschool options for your children. This is such a unique time, and we treasure these very special classes we get to have together. 
    As you know, Gov. Wolf has extended school closures "indefinitely". We hope to return to school as soon as possible, but continue to keep everyone's safety and health as a priority at this time. Please stay home, stay safe, and stay positive. We will update you with new information as it becomes available. 
    At this time of year we would be preparing for Holy Week and our annual Easter Basket Blessings. I am attaching information below on items in a traditional Easter Basket and their meaning. Baskets children would have made at school would have included bread, butter, and a colored Easter egg. The bread we use for this is Rhodes Dinner roll brand found in your grocer's freezer. Please see information below on a special Easter Basket Blessing with Fr. Antony. 
    Wishing you and your family a meaningful entrance into Holy Week. 
    Online Scholastic Book Fair
    Stay tuned! We will soon have information available an online version of our Scholastic Book Fair. Shop safely from home, and our school earns 25% back in scholastic dollars. 
    Basket Contents
    Easter Basket Blessing with Fr. Antony
    On Holy Thursday, April 9th, Fr Antony will be joining us for an Easter Blessing.  You are welcome to have your Easter Baskets near you for the call so we can recreate, the best way we can, the Easter Basket Blessing tradition we have always loved at our preschool.  We will be using the Kangaroo Classroom link to meet together at 9:30 a.m.  Here is the link for you to use:  We hope to see you there!

    ESD Invitation to Zoom

    We would like to invite ESP students to a special Zoom meeting! Join them next week Tuesday April 7th at 11:00AM.  Ms V will do a science experiment.  Everyone will need a marshmallow or Easter peep.  We will also hear a story from Ms. Holly, and we invite students to bring a joke to share.  Join Zoom Meeting at 
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  • Weekly Wrap Up

    Posted by Dawn Lorenz on 2/28/2020

    Dear OLV Preschool Family,

    Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for our Color-a-Thon! As a reminder, this is our primary fundraiser and we need everyone's help. To guarantee a shirt and be eligible for prizes, sign up online before March 27, 2020 at Use group # 121049.
    Donations are due in only 33 days! 
    Look for a FAQ about our Color-a-Thon to come out through HiMama  early next week!
    Staying healthy
    With flu season in full swing, we ask you to keep children at home when they show any flu-like symptoms. If a child becomes ill at school (temperature greater than 100, vomiting, or diarrhea) they must be picked up within 30 minutes of parent notification either by parent or emergency contact. 
    Safety first
    Please, buckle up children immediately and be prepared to pull forward during parent pick up time at 11:30. It is important to keep our pick up line moving so cars are not backed up onto Westerly Pkwy.
    Prayers for our Priests Lenten Project - Our Preschool would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of all of our priests in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown throughout the Lenten season.   Our students have created single decade rosaries that we will be sending to all of our priests this week.  We will also be giving every child the name of a specific priest to remember in your prayers.  You will receive that information from your child's classroom teacher this week.  Thank you so much for being a part of such a special project.  If your family isn't interested in participating in our Prayers for our Priests, please send your paper back into school so we can connect that priest with another student.  Thank you and have a beautiful Lent!
    Acts of Kindness for Fr. Antony's School in India - Last year, our preschool raised $2,000 to establish a computer lab at an elementary school in Father Antony's home village of Mylapuram, India.  We would love to help them again with some new educational resources.  We are encouraging our students to do acts of kindness to raise money for India.  Some examples are setting the table for a quarter or helping with a younger sister or brother for some change.  You can send in your donations all throughout the Lenten season directly to your child's classroom. Thank you in advance for our love and kindness!  This is a very special project for our preschool.  
    Imagine what it'd be like when summer does come!
    Summer registration is now open! OLV Preschool will have summer camp for children ages 3 years (as of March 30, 2020) to 6 years (entering 1st grade). Registration forms should be turned in no later than May 1st. Our camp will be open Monday-Friday from 8AM-3PM. Families registering will receive a summer calendar to designate days and times they would like to enroll. Summer registration forms are available on our preschool website. 
    Thank you for getting in tuition on time. Please note, March 5th falls right before Spring Break. All payments need to be turned in on time as we will not be here the week of March 9th-13th. Tuition that is delayed until after spring break may incur a late fee. 
    Read Across America
    During the first week of March our preschool will celebrate National Read Across America Week! Check the flyer that came home this week for fun activities to celebrate at school.
    Pick Up March 4, 2020
    OLVCS will dismiss early on March 4, 2020 for their Middle States Accreditation visit. We ask that OLV Preschool families do not line up for pick up until 11:30AM  on this day to allow OLVCS students to safely board their busses. If you are picking up a sibling from OLVCS in addition to your preschooler, you may park in the back and use the main parent entrance for pick up on March 4, 2020. 
    Annual Catholic Conference for Women
    The 5th Annual Catholic Conference for Women at OLV will be Saturday, February 29 from 9am-3pm.  The conference includes a live talk by keynote speaker Stacey Sumereau, small group discussions, Confessions and Mass.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Please contact Melanie Smith at to register or for more details. 
    Important Dates
    Monday, March 2nd-Friday March 6th: Read Across America Week
    Wednesday, March 4th: OLVCS Early Dismissal Day-see pick up instructions 
    Monday, March 9th-Friday March 13th: Spring Break: No School
    Thursday and Friday, March 19th-20th: Forever Young Photography, School Pictures
    Monday-Friday, March 23rd-March 27th: Scholastic Book Fair
    Friday, March 27th: Color-a-Thon Donations DUE
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