• Faith Families, Sept 2017
    Painted Rocks, inspired by the characters in Only One You

    Faith Families

    Each Our Lady of Victory Catholic School student and faculty member belongs to a Faith Family.  Each Faith Family consists of at least one student from every grade level and one faculty member. 

    Faith Families meet once a month for activities that promote fellowship across grade levels, leadership by upper grade level students, and a deeper understanding of what it means to put our Catholic faith into practice by all students.

    For this school year, Faith Family activities will center on the message of Only One You by Linda Kranz and putting the school's year-long theme, Follow the Son, into practice. 

    The following lists the monthly focus of this year's Faith Family activities:

    September: Introduction

    October: Follow His Service

    November: Follow with Gratitude

    December: Follow with Joy

    January: Follow His Light

    February: Follow His Love

    March: Follow His Mercy and Compassion

    April: Follow His Word

    May: Follow His Peace