• OLV Preschool Board 

    The OLV Preschool Board consists of members of the administration, teaching staff, parents, and outside representatives.  The purpose of the OLV Preschool Board is to assist the Pastor in fulfilling the mission of the Church through the educational program of OLV Preschool.  The OLV Preschool Board is constituted as a consultative body which, in fulfilling this mission, cooperates with and is guided by any legal or Diocesan directives or policies which regulate the conduct of Catholic education on the preschool level.

    The OLV Preschool Board develops and evaluates the policies by which the school's program is designed, implemented, and evaluated.  The Board is responsive to and collaborates with all the parishes sending children to the school as well as other councils and committees within the parish or school.  

    Further, the Board supports and organizes committees to address and meet the needs of OLV Preschool.  The navigation bar offers more information about current OLV Preschool Committees.
    Anyone interested in serving on the OLV Preschool Board or any Committee should contact the OLV Preschool office.