Our Lady of Victory Teacher Endowment Campaign

    OLVCS teachers integrate faith and values into everything they do at the preschool, all the way through to our middle school. They are also dedicated to teaching the Gospel values while differentiating instruction to help meet the needs of every student. These are OUR teachers!  You are invited to click the link above to view a video about our wonderful teachers.

    It is not secret that the OLVCS faculty do not receive a monetary compensation that compares to their public school counterparts. Thus, the purpose of the Teacher Endowment Fund is to secure funds to supplement the salaries of school faculty and staff working at the preschool, elementary and middle school levels.  Please consider making a contribution for our teachers.

    There are two ways to submit your contribution to the Endowment:

    1. Submit contribution electronically through our secure online donation system

      • You will receive confirmation of your donation through email.

    1. Submit contribution by check to the school office.  Please make checks out to “OLV Church” and include “Teacher Endowment” in the memo line.

    If you have any questions about the Endowment, please, feel free to contact the school office.  

    Our Lady of Victory Preschool              Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Teacher Endowment Campaign  
     Drawing by Tess Denezza, 1st Grader at OLVCS