• English as a Second Language Program

    The purpose of the OLVCS ESL program is to provide LEP students with instructional support in English that will enable them to more fully participate at OLVCS and in our community.  

    At the core of the OLVCS ESL program are the three components:  

    • To advance the development of thinking skills of the LEP student while learning oral and written English language skills
    • To acknowledge and build upon the cognitive strengths and knowledge each LEP student brings from his or her home country
    • Build a strong foundation so that the the LEP student can use the target language of English effectively in future education
    OLVCS LEP students attend ESL program classes 2 times each week.  On ESL class days, the ESL class takes place during the LEP student’s regularly scheduled Language Arts (English) period.
    For more information about the ESL, please contact the school office.