• Technology 
    Our students and teachers are using a wide range of technology every day. 
    Elementary School
    A MacBook Laptop Cart and 3 carts of iPad2's travel throughout the elementary school
    Teachers incorporate apps like Spelling City, EduBlogs, Google Docs, and more.
    Daily lessons are enhanced with interactive lessons on classroom SMART Boards.
    Students enjoy weekly visits to the iMac Computer Lab.
    Students access online content from Pearson's Reading Street series, explore iWork Apps, develop keyboarding skills through Typing Web, and more.
    Our youngest students reinforce Math and Language Arts skills through fun, interactive activities on ABCya.
  • Middle School 
    Every student has an iPad and Bluetooth keyboard case.
    All students have a Google Account and an iXL Math Account.
    Files are stored and shared on Google Drive.
    Peer editing in Google Docs creates a collaborative learning environment.
    Students use iWork Apps including Pages and Keynote.
    Language Arts classrooms each have MacBook Laptop Carts which are used daily by our students.
    Students use TI-89 Graphing Calculators and the Desmos iPad App to explore properties of linear and quadratic equations, and more.
    Interactive SMART Boards bring lessons to life in Math and Science.
    Students use iXL Math modules on the iPad App to reinforce concepts and help students self-assess their progress.