• Peanut and Other Food Allergies

    Our Lady of Victory Catholic School is sensitive to the needs of OLVCS students with peanut and other food allergies and the concerns of their parents.  


    OLVCS offers peanut-free hot lunches through OLVCS Cafeteria.  All students are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

    During each lunch period a table is designated for OLVCS students with peanut allergies.  Only students with peanut allergies and classmates who have purchased a peanut-free meal from the OLVCS Cafeteria may sit and eat at this table. Once the children have eaten, the tables are cleaned to reduce the risk of contamination.

    Students may only bring peanut free snacks to their OLVCS classrooms to share.

    Parents of OLVCS students with peanut and food allergies are encouraged to contact the principal to discuss options available to provide a safe environment for their child.  A copy of the OLVCS policy on Peanut and Other Food Allergies is available from the school office, on request.