• Volunteer Mural 2015

    Mural 2015

    Adult volunteers have an enormous impact on the Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. From helping with math flash cards to sitting on a school committee, volunteers provided invaluable support and service to OLVCS. Importantly, volunteers demonstrate most powerfully the Christian value of service.

    In order to express their thanks to all volunteers who have helped in the school throughout the 2014-2015 school year, OLVCS students and faculty created the mural pictured above. This mural was put on display at the end of the first floor hallway.

    To create the mural, each grade was assigned a specific color tile: K and 1st: Red, 2nd and 3rd: Orange, 4th and 5th: Yellow, 6th: Green, 7th: Blue, and 8th: Purple.

    One “tile” was created by each student with colored paper, paint, markers, glitter, and crayons, based on each child’s imagination.  Teachers gathered the completed tiles and glued them on poster paper in the pattern shown. As is evident from the photo above, the result is amazing. As described by Miss Hood:


    If you look closely the circles are all very different and just circles on their own, but when put together they form a beautiful tree--representing how our volunteers are a strong unifying part of our school. By helping out in all aspects of our school, our volunteers help our students to grow individually, as well forming a Catholic community. Plus, our volunteers brighten our days... and so does the tree.

    This project was spearheaded by the following OLVCS teachers:  Mrs. Sharon Stec (2B), Mrs. Joanne Venturino (2A), Mrs. Karen Siegel (Music) and Mrs. Amanda Hood (5A).

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