• Library
    Reading provides the foundation for the language and literacy skills every child needs to flourish. The more contact children have with books and other library resources, the better readers and critical thinkers they become. The Catholic Church is well known for supporting the collection and circulation of quality reading material. 

    At OLVCS, students in Kindergarten-5th grades have an opportunity one class period per week to visit the OLVCS library. During this time students learn how to use a library and are exposed to the wealth of opportunity that a library can give them. Students in grades 6-8 may visit the school library during break times and/or during their Language Arts period. 

    Each year, the OLVCS librarian facilitates the award winning OLVCS Reading Competition Team for students in grades 4-6. The  OLVCS Library webpage has more information about this valuable resource for OLVCS students.