• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
     Visual Art
    Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics are important to the growth all children. The developmental benefits of art education include improved motor skills, language development, better decision-making, visual learning, and inventiveness. Moreover, the Catholic Church has a long-standing history of supporting and encouraging the visual arts.

    At OLVCS, grades 1-5 have one Art class per week. Middle school students (grades 6-8) have class 2 times per week. Through the OLVCS art curriculm, OLVCS students develop knowledge of and experience in the application of a variety of visual art media, skills, techniques, and processes. Further, theories of art, ranging from traditional to avant-garde, as well as exemplar artists are reviewed. The functions and styles of art in a range of cultures and society are also discussed. 
    Art assignments and class projects require OLVCS students to create a variety of 2D and 3D pieces using varying art techniques that relate to the common year-long theme and specific curriculum-based learning goals.  Supplies for these projects are provided by the Art program.
    In the Spring of each school year, a selection of each OLVCS student's artwork is displayed at the OLVCS Fine Arts Night.  Students, their families and friends are welcome to attend.