• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Social Studies

    The Our Lady of Victory Catholic School faculty and administration believe social studies education helps students make sense of and explain our world. By studying the past, OLVCS students learn how institutions, traditions and ideals change as society changes.  Moreover, through the OLVCS Social Studies curriculum, students learn they are part of a larger societal organization that must have structure in order to operate for the good of all the people. The OLVCS Social Studies curriculum meets the standards set by the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Office of Education, which models its learning outcomes after the standards set by the PA Department of Education.  

    Grades K-5 use the My World Social Studies series.  The OLVCS elementary Social Studies curriculum includes recognition and importance of the US flag, Pledge of Allegiance, federal holidays, United States geography and explorers.  Special attention is given to essential historical events, such as the Revolutionary War and US Civil War. Upper elementary students learn about the economy and elements of the US government. Information about and appreciation for the contributions of other countries and cultures are also emphasized.

    At the Middle School grade levels, the Social Studies program builds on the solid foundation built by the OLVCS elementary program.  Further, the middle school Social Studies program challenges students to advance their skills in reading, writing, and public speaking specifically as they relate to social studies. The middle school Social Studies program aims to teach skills needed not just to know facts and dates, but rather to develop arguments and reasoning for the information that is learned.

    In practice, the 6th grade curriculum begins with Civil War Reconstruction, explores the World Wars, and ends in modern day events.  In order to instill an appreciation of the freedoms and responsibilities of US citizens, OLVCS students learn about important historical milestones, governmental agencies, policies, and fundamental documents of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

    The 7th and 8th Grade curriculum focuses on world geography and ancient cultures. Through the world geography lessons OLVCS students learn about the institutions, traditions, and ideals of cultures from Chile to China, from Sweden to South Africa, and many other places and nation-states in between.  During the ancient history units, students learn about the Medieval Europe, and feudal Japan, as well as the development of Middle Eastern and African cultures and states. Institutions, traditions and ideals of the cultures of South and Central America are also covered.