Middle School Science  
    The Our Lady of Victory Catholic School faculty and administration believe that early experiences in science are critical to the academic development of students at both the elementary and middle school level. Experiences with science promote problem-solving skills and give children the confidence to actively participate in an increasingly scientific and technological world (NSTA Position Statement).
    At OLVCS, the elementary and middle school science teachers use traditional approaches and experiential activities to enable students to build their understanding of scientific terms and concepts, as well as nurture their investigative and inquiry/process skills.
    At the elementary grade level, OLVCS students explore the concepts and processes in the life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences. The science program also includes units on space and technology. The 6th grade OLVCS science curriculum centers on physical sciences. The OLVCS 7th and 8th grade science curriculum follows a biennial schedule, covering life sciences and earth sciences on a rotating basis.