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    Athletic Program Philosophy


    Overall Philosophy

    The Athletic Program enhances the mission of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School by providing a platform from which students are able to develop to their highest potential by

    • Identifying God given talents and abilities
    • Using and developing these t o glorify God
    • Growing personally through exceptional educational and athletic opportunities;
    • Learning independently through individual and team practice and competition experiences;
    • Challenging themselves intellectually, emotionally, and physically
    • Embracing diversity in a highly competitive environment
    • Adhering to the principles of fair play and sportsmanship.
    • Embracing both successes and failures as an integral part of the physical, emotional, and spiritual learning and growth process
    • Learning habits which teach, promote, and help maintain a healthy lifestyle


    Athletic Program Mission Statement

    Our Lady of Victory Catholic School graduates student-athletes who are critical thinkers and inspirational leaders, prepared for lives of service to their families, communities, and society by learning through their experiences as a Catholic student-athlete. The interscholastic athletics program at OLVCS is committed to building the highest quality environment. The athletics program will set the standard for excellence across the state and for programs nationally.


    Athletic Program Handbook

    This Handbook describes the philosophy and mission, as well as important school rules and regulations regarding student participation on athletic teams at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School. Parents and students are encouraged to review this handbook.  Any questions regarding the Handbook should be directed to the Athletic Director.