Can you do it!!!
  • We work hard throughout the marking period to stay on top of this project.  With that in mind, please be aware that the first 8 books of the challenge will be due by the end of the first marking period.  This is a reading grade and does drop your average if books are not checked in.  Don't let it slip past you!

Read, read and then read some more!

  • Dear Families,

    New this year is an exciting challenge for our 5th grade students...

    The 30 Book Challenge encourages students to read, read, read across a variety of genres.  At school, your child works with a binder containing reports for all 30 books.  Over the course of the year, students will work to read ability appropriate books of their choosing.  When reading is complete, students are asked to complete a one or two sided form.  These forms allow the children to refine a variety of skills such as, reflecting on character development, comparing and contrasting historic facts and events, ordering events chronologically, or simply to tell what they enjoyed about a certain story.  We are off to a great start and appreciate your willingness to support and encourage reading at home. 

    Number of required books by genre:

    3 Fantasy

    3 Biography

    5 Non Fiction

    5 Realistic Fiction

    3 Autobiography

    2 Science Fiction

    1 Poetry

    6 Historical Fiction

    2 Mystery

    As always, please let me know if you have questions or if I can help you in any way!