• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Pre-Kindergarten Overview

    The Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Pre-Kindergarten curriculum enables children to grow in mind, body and spirit.  Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is specifically designed for older children (5 years old on or before December 31st of year of enrollment).

    In addition to learning pre-reading and math skills, OLVCS Pre-Kindergarten students gain skill in paying attention, following multi-step directions, maintaining self-control, and sharing lovingly with others.  

    OLVCS Pre-Kindergarten teachers foster an environment that is joyful and enriched with the teachings of the Catholic Church. In addition to academics and social skills, students learn about God's love for them, and how they can share His love with others through prayer and acts of service. 

    All of our preschool families, including our Pre-Kindergarten student families, are cherished members of the greater Our Lady of Victory Catholic School family.  All preschool families are encourage to join in all school family activities with the families of students in grades K to 8.  

    The OLVCS Pre-Kindergarten experience gives children a chance to learn, become excited about learning, be part of a vibrant school community, and be ready for Kindergarten and beyond!

    Click here to view a list of the OLVCS preschool programs, including Pre-Kindergarten.  If you have any questions about OLVCS preschool programs or are ready to enroll your child, please, contact us at the OLVCS Preschool Office.  We look forward to welcoming you into the OLVCS family!