• 2B Updates and Events

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Second Grade!  I am so excited about being your teacher this year.  Please know that I work very hard to make our time together run smoothly.  To help, always read updates from the school and our Class Schoology page.  Pack a "yellow dismissal change form", if you need to communicate a change.  Call the office if your child's dismissal has changed from the morning.  I do not always have a chance to look at emails during the teaching part of the day.  Encourage your child to bring home their Take Home Folder and Assignment Planners everyday.  I will be walking them through this process of packing at the end of each day .  We do not have an aide, so this will be a struggle for them at first.  Please clear their folders and sort out papers with them every night.  Have a good place to put school stuff in your house. Routine is everything to a 7 year old. Homework for each day will be: reading 20 minutes, practice story words and spelling words, IXL or  Math facts.  If you need to contact me, please email me at anytime at stecs@olvcs.org.

    God Bless,










    August - Welcome Letter to Parents.

     Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Second Grade.  I am excited to be your child's teacher.  Our theme this year is Growing Minds and Hearts.  There is a couple of things that our class needs to remember to do as a team:  Work Hard and Be Kind!  Please know that I love your child already! My goal is their success.   Here is our recipe for the year:

    1. I will help guide you and your child through this important year with weekly updates on our webpage, emails  and on my Remote Learning Page.

    2. Students should always have their Take-Home Folders, Assignment Books, a Silent Reading Book and important subject books in their Book Bags at all times.

    3. Students need to put homework in the homework basket and parent notes to the teacher.  I will talk the students through this process but will not do it for them. They need to learn this process.

    4. Students should alway try their best. Please wear your uniform with pride.  Everyone one has off days, including me, but we should try to Grow in Mind and Hearts.

    5. Students should always do their homework and parents should check it for understanding and return it to me. Homework should be done even if you have afterschool activities.  School comes first.

    6. Parents try to help clean out that Take-Home Folder. This will be so important this year.  Schedule a time to do this every day.

    7. I will go through the folders when I can but remember Second Grade does not have an aide, so I feel like its better for me to spend all my time teaching and preparing lessons. Their desk's will be washed down twice a day by me and organized.

    8. Also, my time is precious at school.  Do not send dismissal changes to me during the school day. I will not see them. If you have a change, please call the office.  Mrs. Cawley will inform me.  I will not look at email until after I get home.

     God Bless,

    Sharon Stec