• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Using Student Central for Sports Team Registration

    Our Lady of Victory Catholic School has teamed up with Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy to offer online sports team registration and PIAA form submission through Student Central.  Student Central is used by many area school districts for the management of sports team registration forms.  Below are instructions and tips for setting up and parent and student Student Central accounts.  If you have any questions, contact the OLVCS Athletic Director.

    Step 1: Create PARENT Account

    • Click here to navigate to Student Central
    • Click on the white "Sign Up" box
    • Complete online form using either your mobile number or email
    • Be sure to choose "SAINT JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC ACADEMY" in Step 4 of online form

    Step 2: Create Your STUDENT Account And Link To Your PARENT Account

    • Log into your Parent Account
    • Click on "Link Account" in the navigation bar
    • Enter your student's email or phone number in the box and click "send."
    • Your student will receive a message with a link to create a Student Central Account
    • Your student should follow the instructions and complete the fields to create the account.
      • Choose "SAINT JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC ACADEMY" in Step 4 of online form
      • Choose your student's HIGH SCHOOL graduation year
      • Choose ALL the sports teams on which he/she will be playing this school year
      • Click "submit"
    • Once your student has completed the account creation steps and clicked submit, you can refresh your Parent Account page and you will see your student's name listed on your account. 
      • NOTE: If you refresh a few times and your student's name does not appear, log out of Student Central, close your browser/clear your cashe, and then log in your Parent Account anew.

    Step 3: Complete Your Student's Online Forms In PARENT Account

    • Gather the following:
      • PDF of student’s PIAA physical form (CIPPE Section 6, only), signed by a clinician
      • Insurance card information
      • Contact info about emergency contacts
      • Contact info for family/student's doctor

    • Log in your Parent Account

    • Click on your student's name

    • View student's demographic information.

    • Scroll down to the list of hyperlinked PIAA forms

    • Click on each hyperlinked form, complete the required fields/initial sections, and click submit
      • When completing "PIAA Certification of Parent/Guardian (Section 2)"
        • Change "Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy" to "Our Lady of Victory Catholic School"
        • Enter your student's PUBLIC school district

      • When you get to the COVID form, you may get an error message. 
        • This is a problem on the Student Central side.  Just go on to the next form.

      • When you click on the PIAA Section 6 form, you will be required to upload a pdf of your student's completed PIAA physical form.  Hard copy submissions are no longer accepted.

      • OLVCS has adopted the SJCA version of the "Sports Health Form," despite the fact that it references "Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy" throughout the form.  Be assured that it will only be viewed and used by the OLVCS coaches and the OLVCS Athletic Director.

    Step 4: Complete Student's Online Forms In STUDENT Account

    • Log in Student Account
    • Click on "Athletic Forms"
    • Scroll down to view form list
    • Click on each form that requires attention and complete requirements (eg. initial sections)

    Step 5: Athletic Director Review of Submitted Forms

    Once all your student’s forms have been electronically signed and submitted by both a parent and the student, they will be reviewed by the OLVCS Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director will contact the parent with any questions or concerns.

    Don’t Forget To Pay Your Student’s Participation Fee…
    In addition to completing the required forms through Student Central, a parent must submit payment ($200 per sports team) via FACTS in order for his or her student to be signed up for participation in an OLVCS PIAA sports team.  If payment of this fee poses a financial hardship, please, contact the OLVCS Athletic Director for a fee waiver.