Reading Fluency Standards

  • See these tables for guidelines regarding reading fluency for your child:

    Reading A-Z

    scholar within

    Remember that each child is on their own learning journey.  If they are not yet at grade level benchmark, do not worry.  Continue to work with them and talk to your child's teacher about how you can help.

    Young students who have not mastered foundational word recognition skills should work on:

    • letter/sound correspondance
    • segmenting & blending words
    • sight word recognition (ask your teacher for a grade level appropriate list)
    • reading short passages that do not push the child to the point of frustration (Parents and their children can take turns reading passages in a book.)


    Older students who have mastered word recognition skills should be working on language comprehension skills:

    • Building background knowledge by reading a variety of texts
    • Mastering new vocabulary words
    • Learning to understand and make inferences
    • Make textual connections:
      • Text-to-Text
      • Text-to-Self
      • Text-to-World

    Reading Rooe

    No matter a reader's age, BOOK CHOICE is of paramount importance to ensure a child will

    continue to choose reading as a preferred activity. 

    Expose your child to a variety of texts and see which one is their favorite!