• 2021 Solar Car Competition Results

    Although the annual multi-school solar car competition was canceled this year, it did not prevent OLVCS students from working together to design and test a variety of one-of-a-kind solar cars.  Students worked over the course of 4 weeks to create and test their cars. 

    An intramural competition took place on May 13, 2021 in the parking lot of Holmes Foster Park.  All who participated had fun and gained experience in the joys and challenges of engineering and solar energy use.  Thank you to Mrs. Groves, Mr. Hoy, and Mrs. Relken for organizing this event. 

    Below is a run down of the OLVCS competition winners:

    • Fastest car - Matt W, Tate S (8th grade)

    • Straightest car - John R, Mark S (7th)

    • Best Engineering - Marek H, Thomas R (7th)

    • Weight Pull Winner - George S, Tyler K (6th)

    • All Round Winner - good at straight, weight pull, straightness - Sara M (8th)

    • Charlie Brown - Mason P, Alex S (6th)

    • Best recycled car  - Claire D, Olivia K., Rowan Z (6th)