• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

General Information

  • In the morning, parent drop-off students and walkers will enter the building as follows:

    • Elementary Students (K-5): Rear gym entrance by the stairs

    • Middle School (6-8): Rear entrance to Middle School


    For dismssal, parent-pick up students and walkers will exit the building as follows:

    • Elementary Students (K-5): Library entrance by the stairs

    • Middle School (6-8): Rear entrance to Middle School

    Students may enter the building beginning at 7:30 AM. The designated drop off time starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 8:00 AM. Please only let your student exit your vehicle if a staff member is outside. If your student arrives after 8:00 AM, parents must report to the office with their student to sign the student in.

    Parents dropping off students in both middle school and elementary school do not need to drop them off at each location. Students may exit the vehicle anywhere in the designated drop-off area and walk to their assigned entrance.

Morning Drop-Off Procedure

    • Enter the rear lot from Saxton Drive (see map)

    • Parents must follow the established traffic pattern that is set up.

    • If you are the first vehicle in line, continue until you reach the end of the designated drop off zone. It will be marked with a sign.

    • If you are not the first car in line, pull behind the car in front of you.

    • Do not stop to drop off your student(s) if there is still room in the zone in front of your vehicle. Please pull forward as far as possible before letting your student(s) exit.

    • Do not pull around other vehicles that may take a little longer to unload.

    • Please have your student ready to exit the vehicle. Backpack loaded, zipped, and ready to go.

    • If you arrive before 7:30 AM, your student(s) must wait in your vehicle until a staff member directs student(s) to begin unloading.

    • Once your student exits the vehicle and is safely on the sidewalk, follow the established traffic pattern (see map) to exit the lot.

    • When you enter the drop off zone, please pull forward as far as possible if there is space available in front of your vehicle. Students do not need to be dropped off in front of their assigned door. They can start to more quickly accumulate their 10,000 daily steps if they have to traverse a little farther to get to their assigned entry door.

    • If you need extra time for whatever reason, please continue out of the drop off zone and pull along the grass near the playground. It's like when you go to McDonald's and your special order isn't ready yet and they have you pull forward into a space.

    • Please, do NOT go around another vehicle that is unloading.

Afternoon Pick up Procedure

    • Arrive at designated time (see chart below)

    Pick Up Chart

    • Enter the lot from the same direction as the morning drop off (see map)

    • Follow the established traffic pattern until you come to the end of the pick up zone (see image). It is designated by a sign.

    • Please have a driver's license or other form of photo identification readily available.

    • Remain in your vehicle.

    • Your student(s) will be dismissed from their classrooms and will walk to your vehicle.

    • All vehicles will be released from the pick-up area at the same time, once all students are safely loaded. 

Additional Notes

  • Parent pick-up arrival times have been assigned in order to avoid vehicles blocking the roadway. It is imperative that parents arrive no earlier than the assigned time in order to avoid a traffic back up.

    While we must try our best to limit special requests, we will make accommodations if a family needs an adjusted time. To request a time adjustment, email Mrs. Mary Cawley cawleym@olvcs.org with your request and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.