• OLVCS Remote Learning Program: Grades 3-5

    Frequently Asked Questions


    This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides an overview of the OLVCS Remote Learning Program for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Specific questions regarding the RLP should be directed to Mr. Chad Packer, OLVCS Principal, at principal@olvcs.org.

    Q. What kind of student is the OLVCS RLP designed for?
    A. The OLVCS RLP is expressly designed to meet the Catholic education needs of OLVCS students who are unable to join their classmates for in-person instruction for an extended period of time due to COVID-19 concerns. The RLP is not designed for the student who will miss a few days of school due to a minor illness or a family trip.

    Q. What will my student need for remote learning?
    A. Your student will need a reliable internet connection. You will need provide your student with some basic school supplies that are normally available in our OLVCS classrooms (eg. scissors, glue, coloring supplies).  OLVCS will provide all other required school-based materials (including math manipulatives, if needed) and an electronic device (if needed).  Our experience this past Spring taught many families  that students who have a designated work space that is free from distractions do best with remote learning.

    Q. How do I sign up my student for the OLVCS Remote Learning Program?
    A. A parent/guardian may sign up their student for the RLP by emailing Mr. Chad Packer, OLVCS Principal, at principal@olvcs.org. The email should include: the parent/guardian’s name and phone number (cell number preferred), the student’s name, the student’s grade, and a brief statement summarizing the request to have the student in the RLP. Once the email is received, Mr. Packer and/or a member of the office staff will contact the parent/guardian with the next steps for participation in RLP for the student.  They will also help make the necessary arrangements with the student’s teacher(s).

    Q. What will remote learning be like for my student in grade 3-5?
    A. The OLVCS RLP process is customized to the grade level of the student enrolled.  Just as the teaching methods and process differs between teachers, subjects, and grade-levels in traditional in-person education so will the remote learning experience.  With that said, the following outlines in general the OLVCS RLP for students in grades 3-5:

    Daily assignments may include, but are not limited to: workbook activities, reading assignments, online research activities, and online educational activities. Students may also be required to do longer term projects (eg. book reports). In addition to completing daily assignments, 3rd-5th grade students are required to virtually attend daily classroom lessons for the following:

    • Language Arts

    • Math

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Religion

    The timing of the in-class math and language arts lessons may vary due to classroom schedule and is at the discretion of the individual teacher. Students participating in RLP would be required to adhere to this typical brick and mortar schedule. For example, if the math lesson is scheduled for 9:00-9:35AM, the RLP student is expected to use the online platform to attend and participate in the lesson at that scheduled time. These lessons will not be recorded for later reference.

    Q. How will my student know when he/she must “log in” for the language arts and math lessons?
    A. Teachers will work with students and parents to ensure that students are aware of the timing for these lessons.  For example, at the beginning of each week a teacher may include the schedule for the math and language arts lessons with the list of assignments. Alternatively, a teacher may email a student with the schedule.  Parents and students are encouraged to work with their teacher to determine the best way to communicate about this schedule.

    Q. How will my student submit his/her completed work to his/her teacher for grading?
    A. With their parent/guardian’s help, each day students must electronically submit their completed work via the online platform for teacher evaluation and grading by the due date posted. If a student fails to complete and/or submit his/her work by the posted due date, it will be recorded as not done.

    Q. How will I know my student is learning?  Will his/her assignments be given a grade?
    A. Teachers for grades 3-5 will assess student progress through the evaluation of virtually submitted daily work and other completed assessments.  Grading practices will remain consistent with that of the brick and mortar environment, as well as throughout the school year.  

    Further, in addition to virtually attending the language arts and math lessons, students may be required to periodically participate virtually in classroom activities or meet one-on-one with his/her teacher through Zoom or another platform.  Teachers may request a meeting with the parent/guardian if a student seems to be unable to complete his/her work in a timely fashion or other educational challenges seem to be inhibiting the student’s success in RLP. 

    Q. How will my student’s teacher communicate with me?
    A. Teachers for grades 3-5 will communicate directly with parents/guardians about student progress, with regular emails being the preferred method in most cases. The method and frequency of communication between the student’s teacher and parents/guardians regarding a given student will be determined at the outset of the RLP period, and may change as the RLP unfolds for a given student.  

    Q. How will attendance work? 
    A. Virtual participation in the daily math, language arts, science, social studies and religion lessons will serve as documentation for attendance. Students who fail to join in the lessons will be marked absent. Consistent virtual attendance when requested and the submission of work are vital to your student’s success, and will determine next year’s advancement and class placement.

    Q. What is my role as the parent in the OLVCS RLP?  I don’t want to be the teacher!
    A. Parents/guardians are not expected to serve as teachers for their students participating in RLP.  However, due to their developmental level, students in grades 3-5 participating in the RLP will need some parent/guardian support and interaction. For students in grades 3-5, RLP parent/guardian responsibilities include but may not be limited to:

    • Ensuring that the student has reliable Internet connection

    • Ensuring that student has an appropriate electronic device for RLP and that it is working properly

    • Ensuring that the student has quiet place to complete his/her work

    • Checking in with student to confirm that student understands his/her assignment directions

    • Monitoring the quality and completeness of assignments

    • Assisting the student in the submission of completed work through the online system

    • Ensuring that student is appropriately dressed for all virtual lessons or meetings with OLVCS faculty, other students, or learning support teachers

    Further, like for students in the classroom, parents/guardians of students participating in RLP for grades 3-5 will also be asked to promote additional at-home reading and math practice. Studies have shown that this is vital to every elementary student’s short term and long term educational success.

    Q. My student needs learning support. How will that work?
    A. The Central Intermediate Unit will provide support services for both in-person and remote learning options. In-person support will be offered to OLVCS students returning to the classroom. Zoom sessions will be offered for remote learning students.  Details regarding this process will be available shortly.

    Q. I don’t have a computer or tablet that my student can use for remote learning.  Can I borrow one from OLVCS?
    A. OLVCS will make necessary devices available to students who need one for the RLP.

    Q. We have spotty Internet.  Can my student still participate in remote learning?
    A. Spotty internet will make remote learning especially challenging for your student.  OLVCS strongly recommends that your family secures a reliable Internet system BEFORE your family decides to participate in the RLP.

    Q. Does my student need his/her school books for the RLP?
    A. Yes, your student will need books. OLVCS will provide all necessary books, workbooks, math manipulatives and other materials at the start of the RLP period.  Occasionally, parents/guardians may be asked to pick up additional materials or work packets from the school building, that are necessary to your student’s success, but were not originally included with the school materials. 

    Q. If my student is having trouble with an RLP assignment, how can he/she get help?
    A. Communication is key!  You or your student should email the classroom teacher as soon as possible in the morning if there are any questions about the day’s assignments.  Students are also encouraged to ask questions when participating in the live lessons.  The OLVCS RLP operates under a shared understanding that students and parents/guardians are expected to interact and communicate with teachers.  

    Q. If I email my student’s teacher, how long should I expect to wait for a response back? 
    A. Teachers routinely check email before classes start in the morning and at lunch. Parents/guardians are encouraged to have a conversation with their student’s teacher about the best times to communicate.

    Q. How long can my student participate in remote learning?
    A. Your student may participate in remote learning as long as you see fit. We ask that any applicable quarantine requirements be respected before your student returns to in-person instruction. 

    Q. Can my student go “back to the classroom”?
    A. Yes, a physical space is held in each RLP student’s OLVCS classroom.  When he/she is able to return to the classroom, you should contact the school office so that necessary arrangements can be made for a smooth transition of your student to in-person instruction.

    Q. Can my student attend field trips with his/her classmates, while participating in the RLP?

    A. No, students currently participating in the RLP may not attend school-sponsored field trips.  Once a student returns to in-person instruction at OLVCS, he/she is eligible to participate in all school-related events.

    Q. Can my student participate in Strings?
    A. Yes, OLVCS students participating in RLP may participate in Strings, albeit virtually.  Parents/guardians of interested students should contact the Strings teacher for more information.

    Q. Can my student participate in other extracurricular activities?
    A. Due to health and logistic concerns, students who are participating in the RLP may not in general participate in OLVCS extracurricular activities.