• In January 2020, seven OLV middle school students entered a drawing contest featured by Music K - 8 Magazine. Contest entries were submitted by Mrs. Capozzi and chose a student created design to be represented on the magazine cover for the May/June 2020 issue. The contest had over 3,000 entries from all over the nation.

    OLVCS 8th grade student, Helena Sicree, won 1st runner up with a cash prize of $125.00 and a copy of her picture printed on the front inside cover of the magazine. The talented OLV 7th grader, Katie Marflak, won 4th place, with a cash prize of $50.00 and her picture is featured on the back cover of the magazine.

    Click on "i" in left hand upper corner of photo gallery above for information about each winning submission.

    Congratulations to both OLVCS students!