• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    School-Issued Electronic Device
    Repair and Replacement

    With the goal of enhancing the learning environment, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School (OLVCS) issues personal electronic devices (e.g. Chromebook, iPad, etc.) to OLVCS students. These devices are to be used for school-related academic requirements. The OLVCS administration views the use of school-issued devices as a privilege.

    OLVCS students are accountable and responsible for the proper use and maintenance of their school-issued electronic devices.  Further parents/guardians are financially responsible for the cost of replacement and/or repair of their student's school-issued device, as well as the power charger and keyboard case.

    Below are cost estimates of device repair and replacement. These are posted for informational purposes only. The actual cost for the repair or replacement of a specific school-issued device may differ from that posted here.