• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Completing the STS Financial Aid Application
    Below describes the steps for applying for tuition assistance for OLVCS through STS.  This is the same process for all OLVCS families, ie. families with students in preschool through Grade 8.  Click here to download a general document created by STS about this process.  
    A. Create/Log In Your STS Account
    1. Go to https://app.simpletuitionsolutions.org/register?sc=20438  If prompted, enter School or Scholarship Organization Code: 20438 (Our Lady of Victory Catholic School)

    2. If you have NEVER had a STS account, complete the required fields and click on the orange "Create My Account" button.  You will receive an email asking you to verify your email account.

    3. If you ALREADY HAVE a STS account, click “Log In Here" under the words "SIGN UP" and enter your previously created login and password.

    4. If you ALREADY HAVE a STS account and can't remember your password, click "Forgot your password" under the password box and follow the prompts to create a new password.

    B. Complete the STS Online Application

    1. On your STS account homepage, click on the green "Start a New STS Application" button under Financial Aid Applications.

    2. Select appropriate school year

    3. Read the important information on this page and then click on "Start Application"

    4. Complete the required application fields as needed

    5. Submit your completed application by the published due date

    C. Pay STS Application Fee

    nonrefundable STS application fee ($25) must be paid in order to process the STS application.

    1. You may pay this fee online using all major credit cards. 

    2. Checks may be sent to Simple Tuition Solutions, 3909 Hartzdale Dr, Ste 907, Camp Hill, PA 17011. 

    D. Submit Required Documents
    After your STS application fee is received and processed, you will be sent an email that introduces you to the STS application processor that will be handling the review of your application and outlines what documents you need to provide.  You may submit these documents by the required due date in two ways:

    Submitting Documents Online
    Scan or take a photo of your financial documents and upload them into STS’s system using STS’s upload feature. This is the fastest way to provide STS with your required financial documentation.

    Submitting Documents By Mail
    Mail signed copies of your financial documents to STS, P.O. Box 779, Camp Hill, PA 17001.  ***NOTE: This is a different address from that which checks are sent to.***

    E. Verification and Review by STS
    Once STS has received all of the required financial documentation from you, the STS application processors will verify the data and review your entire application per Pennsylvania State Law to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. STS will send you an email when this verification/review process is completed.

    F. Notification of Financial Assistance
    Notifications of all need-based financial assistance (tuition) awards are generally made by August 1st.  You will be notified by email. At that time, questions regarding your family's award should be directed to the OLVCS Bookkeeper. Questions regarding the STS application process should be directed to your assigned STS application processor (see D, above) or STS Support (717-599-7611, Option 1 or support@simpletuitionsolutions.org).