• Frozen Jr.

    Important Information for
    Cast Members and Parents/Guardians



    May 28, 2020 - 7:00 pm - General Admission

    May 29, 2020 - 7:00 pm - General Admission



    Each student-cast member must...

    • Bring your script and a pencil to every practice.

    • Always listen while the Director is giving instructions and while other actors are performing.

    • Treat each other with kindness and respect.

    • Refrain from critiquing each other’s performances. This is the job of the Director and her assistants.

    • Keep all food and drink in the classroom.

    • Keep all cell phones and iPads in the classroom.

    Most importantly, each student-cast member should...

    • Have fun!

    • Make memories and new friends!

    • Believe in his/herself

    • Surprise his/herself at how amazing he/she is! *Each student-cast member is much more talented than he/she thinks!!



    Every student-cast member's attendance is imperative for a successful show! 

    The Rehearsal Calendar is posted online and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link in the navigation bar. 

    Student-cast members should refer to BOTH the "Calendar" and the "Songs, Scenes, and Character" webpages to determine when he/she is expected to attend rehearsal.

    An student-cast member's absence will be excused if it is communicated to the Director at least 24 hours ahead of time either verbally or by email. Absence due to illness will be excused.

    If a student-cast member misses 3 practices without proper notification, his or her role may be given to another student cast-member, and he or she may no longer be eligible to participate in the production.


    Each student will be asked to submit payment of the activity fee of $50.00 to offset the cost of the musical production. Checks should be made payable to OLVCS with "Musical and <Student's Name>" in the memo part.​

    Checks may be sent directly to the school office or given to the Director. 

    Fee waivers are available for students for which the fee poses a financial hardship. Parents/guardians should contact the principal for details.



    A list of different kinds of parent help/support will be distributed by email directly to the parents/guardians of the student-cast members. All parents/guardians are asked to review the list and sign up for at least one request.



    Many documents and the rehearsal calendar may be found on the navigation bar. Most documents may be downloaded.  Hard copies are available on request. 



    All questions or concerns should be directed to the Director, Mrs. Sherry Capozzi.  It may take more than a day or so for her to respond to non-urgent email messages and other requests.