• Riding Home On The SCASD Bus
    Arrival, Dismissal and Transportation

    Students may arrive for the school day at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School as early as 7:30AM. It is strongly suggested that students arrive by 7:50 AM in order that they may have time to unpack their backpacks, get their school supplies ready, put items in their lockers, and be ready for a successful start of the school day.

    By Bus
    All busses are required to have the students exit the vehicle to the walkway in front of the the front gym doors. The students must enter the school through the gym doors and wait in the auditorium/gym under faculty supervision. At 7:40 AM the students will be dismissed to go to their classrooms.

    Bussing is provided by each student's school district of residence.  For more information about your student's bussing plan contact the school office or your student's school district transportation office.

    By Car (“Parent Drop-off”) or Walking
    Walkers or students arriving by car must arrive between 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM. To drop off their students, parents/guardians should enter into the back parking lot from Saxton Dr. and follow the designated traffic pattern (See image of drop off route). Parents/guardians should proceed into the designated drop off area and put their vehicle into park. Students may exit the vehicle when it is safe and immediately enter the school through the back door. Vehicles should exit out of the parking lot onto Westerly Parkway.


    Students who do not arrive by 7:55 AM must report to the school office to be signed in by their parent/guardian.  In this case, a parent/guardian should park in the lot in the front of the school.


    Dismissal begins at 2:30 PM. Students will be dismissed as designated by the parent/guardian on the student’s Transportation Form.

    Bus Riders  
    Students who are transported by bus will exit to the line of busses through the auditorium. For more information about your student's bussing plan contact the school office or your student's school district transportation office.

    "Parent Pick-Up"
    Students who are "parent pick-up" or walkers will exit through the door by the library, once they have reported to the faculty member on duty. Students will be escorted to their parent/guardian's vehicle, once the parent/guardian reaches the pick up area.  See link on the navigation bar for more information about pick-up procedures.


    ASAP Pick-up
    To pick up a student from ASAP, parents/guardians should enter through the front door using the family's specific door code. To be assigned a code, contact our Student Resource Officer.