Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    FACTS Payment Plan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the benefits of FACTS for families?
      1. Ability to actively manage your tuition payment plan
      2. Ability to use multiple payment methods throughout the year (credit card, bank account)
      3. Ability to see if and when scholarships or other need-based tuition support is credited to your tuition account.

    2. What types of payments are accepted by FACTS? You can make payments directly from your checking or savings account, as well as your credit card. AMEX, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. 

    3. Are there extra charges for credit card payments? Yes, you will be charged a 2.95% convenience fee for all credit card transactions.

    4. When and at what time will the funds for my payment be withdrawn from my account?  While FACTS transacts each payment on a specified date, it is your financial institution's decision as to what time of day the payment is debited. If a payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be transacted the following business day. It is recommended that you contact your own financial institution about how far in advance funds should be in your account for the FACTS payment to clear.

    5. Does OLVCS add a surcharge or charge an additional fee for FACTS? No, OLVCS does not add any additional fees. However, you will be charged a one-time, annual fee for the FACTS enrollment.

    6. What kind of payment plans can I choose from?  The full OLVCS (students in Preschool to Grade 8) tuition obligation may be paid in one payment (due September 6th) or over 10 payments (due the 6th of the month, September - June). 

    7. How will I be notified of my payment information? Once your agreement for your tuition payments is posted in the FACTS system, you will receive confirmation by email. Payments will be processed as scheduled until the total balance is paid in full.

    8. Can I check FACTS to see if my family's tuition support has been applied?  Yes, once your enrollment in FACTS is verified by the school office, the school office will enter your family's tuition amount in the system and make adjustments based on scholarships or financial aid received. These adjustments take place in August, generally before the first day of the coming school year.

    9. What happens if FACTS attempts to process my payment and there are not enough funds in my account? Should an automatic bank account payment or credit card payment be returned for lack of funds, a $30 FACTS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically assessed to your account.  This fee will be assessed each time FACTS tries to obtain payment. This penalty is in addition to any additional penalty your bank or OLVCS may assess. FACTS will notify you of the returned payment by email or mail.

    10. Is it hard to sign up for FACTS?  No, it is easy to sign up. To learn how, view the FACTS Overview webpage.

    11. I need to talk to a human! Who can I call?  The OLVCS Bookkeeper is happy to help you.  You may also call the FACTS Parent Hotline at 1-866-441-4637.