• OLVCS Snow Sports Club
    Guidelines 2021


    1. The OLVCS Snow Sports Club takes place on Friday afternoons, beginning on Friday, January 15, 2021 and ending on February 19, 2021. 

    2. Time: 3 PM to 6 PM (3 hours)

    3. If there is no school a child may still use their club membership to ski or snowboard on the designated date, but the parent/guardian must transport the child to Tussey Moutain and supervise the child.

    4. Only OLVCS students in Grades 3-8 participating in in-person instruction can be members of the OLVCS Snow Sports Club.

    5. OLVCS Snow Sports Club members will be transported by bus to the Tussey Mountain Resort.

    6. Students MUST have their assigned Tussey Resort Lift Pass and Rental Form in order to board the bus. Students who do not have their pass and form will be sent home or to ASAP, as per their dismissal plan.

    7. OLVCS Snow Sport Club members are expected to maintain a grade of “C” or better in all subjects.  Students who are not able to maintain this level of scholarship will be unable to ride the bus with club members to Tussey Mountain until sufficient academic progress has been made.

    8. Non-Club members are NOT allowed to transported by the bus.

    9. Helmets are required of all OLVCS Snow Sports Club participants.  Students will be required to verify that they have a helmet in their possession or that they will be renting one at Tussey PRIOR to boarding the bus.

    10. Any student who refuses to wear his/her helmet will be required to sit with the OLVCS Snow Sport Club chaperones inside the Tussey facility until he/she is picked up by his/her parent/guardian.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

    11. OLVCS Snow Sports Club members are expected to practice safe skiing and snowboarding habits, including, but limited to:
      1. Using the safety bar on all lifts
      2. Following Tussey signs/instructions on the slopes
      3. Controlling speed and staying on the marked trails
      4. Using trails suitable for their snow sport ability as indicated by the instructors/chaperones
      5. Being mindful of fellow skiers and snowboarders
      6. Abiding by the behavior expectation of OLVCS students, as listed in the OLVCS Parent/Student Handbook.

    12. OLVCS Snow Sports Club chaperones are ONLY responsible for students in the Club (i.e. OLVCS students in grades 3-8).

    13. The Tussey Mountain Ski Area is large, and it is impossible for the OLVCS Snow Sport Club chaperones to supervise all participants at all times.

    14. OLVCS Snow Sports Club chaperones will be present on the hill and in the lodge at Tussey Mountain from 3PM to 6PM to supervise students in the club.  Students should use the time after 5:30PM to return rentals and pack up gear and equipment.

    15. OLVCS Snow Sports Club members must alert one of the club supervisors that they are leaving with their parent/guardian, before he/she leaves the resort.

    16. Any OLVCS Snow Sports Club member remaining after 6PM will not be supervised by OLVCS staff or OLVCS Snow Sports Club chaperones.  NOTE: Any student with a 6 hour lift pass will NOT be supervised after 6PM by OLVCS chaperones.

    17. All OLVCS students must be picked up by their parent/guardian or designee from the Tussey Mountain Resort, as there is no transportation back to OLVCS.

    18. Any OLVCS family member (eg. parent, guardian, or sibling) or student can purchase lift tickets, etc. through the program at the discounted price, but parents/guardians are responsible for supervision of skiers/snowboarders who are not in the OLVCS Snow Sport Club.

    19. Each participant must pay a fee (see form) to participate in the OLVCS Snow Sport Club.

    20. To help ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the Club on the first day, parent/guardians are asked to send in a note with their child about attending club.  

    21. A child is NOT considered registered for the club until the online registration is completed AND payment is received by the school office with the signed copies of the paper documents.  See "Registration Info" for more details.

    22. Questions regarding the OLVCS Snow Sports Club should be directed to Lauren Waltz and Lisa Groves, the OLVCS Snow Sport Club Co-Coordinators