KB Weekly Happenings

    boy reading
    Please check this page to see what kinds of things we are doing this week in the classroom.
    This Week's Cycle Schedule-
    D, A, Mass, B, C

    Language Arts-
    Reading Street Unit  4 Week 4
    Sight words-  one, two, three, four, five,
    are, that, do, they, you of,
    see, look, me,
    with, she, he, for,
    we, my, like, have, is, a, to,
    I, am, the, little, and
    letter- G,g
    phonological awareness-  inital and final /g/
    comprehension skill- character, setting
    grammar- sentences

    Math in Focus Ch. 7




    St. Blaise, St. Valentine

    Ash Wednesday, Lent


    See KA page
    Social Studies


    Me on the Map