• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    Middle School Music

    6th Grade Music
    Our brand new 6th graders will be transitioning from elementary to middle school this year. In music class we will begin the year with a short discussion about how to take good notes and identifying what great study habits look like. Subject areas will include the studying of individual elements of music, bucket drumming, notation reading, voice production, and song composition. There will be lots of interactive teaching and hands-on group projects.

    7th Grade Music
    7th grade music is an exciting year in which students will learn how to identify common genres of music and what characteristics are found in each genre. Genres studied include: blues, jazz, pop, rock, heavy metal, contemporary Christian, opera, hip-hop, rap, folk, country, and ambient. The students will also learn to analyze parts of a pop song.

    8th Grade Music
    To begin our year, the 8th graders will start learning about music in movies and its purpose. The unit will end with the students creating their own film and music.We will also study music from different parts of our world, including Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean. To end our year, we will be learning about the American musical, details of its origin, and then analyzing in depth Phantom of the Opera

    For more information about the Music curriculum, contact the OLVCS Music Teacher, Mrs. Sherry Capozzi at capozzis@olvcs.org.