• Piano
     Middle School Music
    6th Grade Music - We will be studying the basic elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, texture, dynamics, and tempo, and how they all work together to form what we call "music."
    We are currently working on rhythm and learning how a person uses rhythm in everyday life. The students are also finding out how rhythm can help them become a more focused individual.
    7th Grade Music - 7th grade will focus on learning how to distinguish between different genres of music. We will look at everything in a piece of music including words, form, rhythm, and instruments used to play the song. Students will learn how to analyze a piece of music.
    7th grade is learning all about Folk Music. There are several types of Folk Music and each student will be able to distinguish the difference.
    8th Grade Music - The 8th graders will be studying the aspects of music from the Medieval period to the present. 
    The 8th grade is currently working on the Medieval period of music. Each student will be focusing on finding facts about and presenting information on a different instrument from the Medieval period. Students also learn interesting facts about the time period.