• ESL Program: English Proficiency Assessment


    Initial Assessment

    Following enrollment at OLVCS, each LEP student is given an assessment by the ESL faculty. This English proficiency evaluation contains listening, speaking, reading and writing components.

    Based on the results of the assessment, the LEP student will be placed in one of three OLVCS ESL program class levels:

    1. Newcomer/Beginner

    2. Low/ High Intermediate

    3. Advanced.  

    End of School Year Assessment

    At the end of each school year, each LEP student is formally assessed for progress in English proficiency.  Based on the results of this assessment and a review of the student’s success in the classroom, a plan is made for the student regarding the need for and type of ESL class placement for the following school year.  

    For more information about the ESL English Proficiency Assessment, please, contact the ESL teacher or the school office.