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    "Passports and Party Hats!"

    This year we will be exploring art through the study of cultural celebrations, both near to and far from home.  These festivals will become the inspiration point for many of our projects.  We will study festivals such as Dia de Los Muertos, Mardi Gras, and Venice's Carnneval.  Some fun days including, Cheeseburger Day, Comic Book Day, and Live Creative Day, from the "National Day" calendar, will also make an appearance.

    Art classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of art. We will have discussions about and experiences with various tools, techniques and types of art. Our studio based projects will teach us about art history and the role art can play in our modern lives. We will spend much of our time sharpening our skills and learning how the process of making, determines the product we end up creating.

    All OLVCS students are encouraged to take their abilities "to the next level" by participating in the after-school art program, Charm School. Information about Charm School can be found on the left navigation bar.