• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
    10 Steps For A Sucessful Transition To Kindergarten

    #10 - Preschool
    Preschool prepares students for the transition into Kindergarten. Every year students enroll in our Kindergarten from a variety of preschool programs including our own OLVCS preschool program.  To learn more about the OLVCS preschool program go to www.olvcatholicschool.org/preschool or contact the Preschool Director.

    #9 - Seek advice from other parents
    Talking with other parents is a great source of information and can help your family prepare for the transition. OLVCS families are always happy to talk to new or prospective parents. Please contact our school office if you would like to connect with some current families.

    #8 - Ask questions
    Being an advocate for your child is the best way to make informed decisions. No question is too trivial to ask, so don't hesitate just ask. By phone, email or in person we are always here to answer your questions.

    #7 - Practice school routines at home

    Improving listening skills, encouraging your child to sit quietly during appropriate moments, and following directions at home will help your child adjust to the classroom.  Encourage independence with chores, dressing, bathroom, and eating.  Be consistent with routine and bedtimes.

    #6 - Communicate with our teachers and administration
    Keep in touch with your child's teacher, ask if there are any concerns.  Don't be afraid to voice any concerns you may have.  Use email or request a meeting. Our teachers are happy to meet with parents.

    #5 - Be organized
    OLVCS publishes a one-page academic calendar that lists in-service and out of school days.  The online calendar is updated 1-3 times a week with events. Our Kindergarten teachers also communicate important dates to the parents through email and classroom webpages.  Being organized can relieve stress and worry. 

    #4 - Talk to your child about what to expect
    Read books about Kindergarten and encourage your child to discuss Kindergarten with their older siblings.  Be positive about school and Kindergarten. 

    #3 - Read, read read...
    The most important thing a parent can do to help their child's transition to Kindergarten is to read with their child everyday. Books about shapes, colors, and ABC's will introduce your child to important concepts that they will learn in Kindergarten. 

    #2 - Be positive
    Let your child know that you're confident in their abilities.  Always talk positively about school and how much fun it will be for your big kid.  If your child has an older sibling or close family member, draw on their experience and use that as an example.

    #1 - Attend our Kindergarten Open House

    At the Open House you and your child can see and hear more about our school and the Kindergarten classrooms.  If you can't make an Open House, please contact us to schedule a personal tour.