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    OLVCS students in grades 3 through 8 are eligible to train and compete with the OLVCS Fencing Team.  Practices for the fencing team generally begin in October, taking take place on Tuesdays, 2:35-3:25PM, approximately two times per month. The fencing program provides all equipment.  
    The fencing program culminates in April with the annual tournament in the OLVCS gym.  OLVCS fencers compete against athletes from the five other fencing programs in the Central Pennsylvania Fencing Association Scholastic League.

    To participate on the fencing team, students must submit the required form and fee to the school office. 

    For more information, contact Coach Chuck at Coach_Chuck@comcast.net or 814-441-8031 or check out the Central Pennsylvania Fencing Association website.

    Coach Chuck, OLV Fencing Coach and Instructor 
    Coach Glon, Scholastic League Fencing Program Director