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    2018 Diocesan
    Middle School Girls Basketball
    Championship Tournament


    General Information:

    Date: Saturday, March 3, 2018

    Tournaments Director: Will Morse, morsew@olvcs.org

    Girls Tournament On-site Coordinator: Will Morse, morsew@olvcs.org

    Location: Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy

    Admission: $2 (Good for BOTH boys and girls tournament locations)

    Concessions: Available throughout the tournament. Proceeds support the OLVCS Athletic Program.

  • Tournament Play:

    Four teams will participate in this double-elimination competition, with one eligible team coming from each of the Diocesan quadrants. The 2018 Tournaments Director created the bracket for the tournament.

    Coaches should check-in with the on-site tournament coordinator, when they arrive at the gym.  Each team will have a designated space for equipment, etc.  

    Each game will consist of four 5 min quarters, with a 5 minute half-time period.  Officials will follow PIAA rules for middle school game play.

    Games will begin at 9AM.  Subsequent games are expected to begin on the hour.  See bracket posting for game times.


    Awards will be given at the end of the championship game for the following:

    • Overall Championship Team (One team trophy)
    • Most Valuable Player of Tournament (Individual award)
    • All Tournament Team (Individual awards)

Girls Tournament Teams