• 6 Course 2


    Important Information about Remote Instruction

    We made it through our first week of online/remote learning.  We are learning many things including how to create a routine to get our work done.  Here are a couple reminders specifically about Math.

    • We are continuing to complete 30 minutes of Math ixl practice during the week (from Monday - Sunday).  
    • View any PowerPoint Presentations  and videos (remember I can see how many people watch the videos I create and how long they watch them for).  
    • Complete the practice -- either in the book or sometimes in a Google Forms "Quiz" -- which is actually only graded for completion.
    • Assignments are graded for completion -- showing work, completing all problems assigned, and turning them in by the date I set. As long as you do those you will earn the points.  I will give you feedback on any assignment your turn in.
    • Quizzes and tests are starting this week, and will be graded for accuracy!


     Current Chapter: 

    Chapter 7 - Geometric Figures

    Upcoming Quiz and Tests:

    •  Chapter 7 Test online on Tuesday, March 31



    Click the 6th Grade Homework Page Link to see the homework assignments for the week.  As a reminder, I may periodically modify assignments as the week progresses if needed.


    IXL.com Practice:   W.1 - W.22 and X.1 - X.18

    You must complete 30 minutes of Math ixl (highlighted topics only) each week.  The week is Monday - Sunday.  Under analytics select "This Week" for you practice.  You will earn 5 points each week for this assignment.  You will not be setting goals or completing self-reflections at least towards the end of the year. 


    Worksheets and Supplemental Materials:


    Chapter 7 Study Guide and Answer Key:



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