• OLVCS Snow Sports Club

    This Club is offered in conjunction with the Tussey Mountain Intramural Ski and Snowboard Program.

    Who can participate?   

    All 3rd to 8th grade boys and girls at OLVCS who are participating in-person instruction.  Remote students cannot participate in this club.

    Where does the club take place?

    Tussey Mountain Ski and Recreation Facility


    Who will be coordinating this club?    

    Lauren Waltz and Lisa Groves, OLVCS Ski and Snowboard Club Co-Coordinators

    When will it take place? 

    Begins: Friday, January 14, 2022

    Ends: Friday, February 18, 2022 

    Club lasts for 6 weeks, meeting on Fridays from 3PM to 6PM.  Students may choose to attend 4 or 6 weeks. There is no club on days that school is not in session.

    How much does it cost?

    Each student must pay an OLVCS participation fee of $25.

    Additional cost is determined by Tussey Mountain and depends on the number of days the student participates, as well as whether or not he/she would like to take ski/snowboarding lessons, have meal card, and/or needs a lift ticket. 

    How do the club members get to Tussey Mountain Ski Resort?

    Parent/guardian must make arrangements for their own student(s)'s transportation to the Resort.


    When and where do club members get picked up?

    Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their child at 6PM at the resort. Club members must alert one of the club supervisors that they are leaving with their parent/guardian, before he/she leaves the resort.

    Supervision of OLVCS students is NOT provided after 6PM by OLVCS personnel. Parents/guardians who wish for their child to continue skiing or snowboarding after 6PM must make their own arrangements for their child's supervision.  


    Are there other Club guidelines?

    Yes, click here to navigate to a list of OLVCS Snow Sport Club Guidelines.

    Additional guidelines and recommendations set by Tussey Mountain may be found by clicking here.  Parent/guardians are encouraged to discuss these guidelines with their child.

    How do I sign my child up?

    Click here or use the navigation bar to view instructions 

    Note: A child is NOT considered registered for the club until the online registration is completed AND payment is received by the school office with the signed copies of the paper documents.