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    New OLV Preschool Employee
    Required Paperwork and Clearances

    In order to meet the Diocesan and state requirements, all OLV Preschool employees must complete the steps below. If you believe you have already completed any of the requirements listed below or have questions, please, contact the OLV Preschool Director before you begin.
    Step 1: Diocesan Forms and PA-Required Paperwork

    Prepare/obtain paperwork needed for submission to the OLV Preschool Director.

    A. Diocesan Forms: 

    1. Applicant Instructions

    2. Diocesan Youth Protection Application

    3. Application for Professional Educator

    4. Code of Conduct

    5. Use of Technology Agreement

    6. 2 Ministry Reference Forms (To be completed by references not related to applicant)

    7. Act 168 Packet

    8.  Arrest Conviction Report Form (Act 24)


    B. Pennsylvania Required Clearances:

    1. PA Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151) directly on the Department of Public Welfare website.

    • The results will be sent to you electronically. Print this clearance report for submission to OLV Preschool Director.

    2. PA Criminal History Check (Act 34) directly on the Pennsylvania State Police website.

    • The results will be sent to you electronically. Print this clearance report for submission to OLV Preschool Director.

    3. National Sex Offendor Registry Keep Kids Safe Verification Application

    • Mail application to Clearance Verification Unit, ChildLine at the following address: Department of Human Services PO Box 8170 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170 OR submit scanned version of the application to RA-PWNSOR@pa.gov In the subject line list ‘NSOR Verification Applicant Last Name'
    • Certification will be mailed to your home

    4. Disclosure Statement

    • Print and complete this form for submission to OLV Preschool Director. 

    5. Health Record Form

    • Print and have your clinician complete this form for submission to OLV Preschool Director.


    Step 2: Training Courses

    Complete the three required online training courses:

    1. Virtrus Online Course. This online training is a Diocesan requirement.

    2. Mandated Reporter Training. This online training is a PA requirement.

    3. Health and Safety Training.  This online training is a PA requirement.

    NOTE: Once you have completed the PA required courses, print both certificates of completion to submit to the OLV Preschool Director.

    Step 3: Fingerprinting through IdentoGO

    •  Identify the service code that applies to you.

      • 1KG6ZJ: Volunteer An individual applying for or holding an unpaid position as a volunteer with a child care service, a school or a program, activity or service, as a person responsible for the child's welfare or having direct volunteer contact with children.
      • 1KG738: Care Services/Program Employee Any employee or contractor of a child care service or program, including but not limited to a child care center or home, residential facility or center, behavioral health service, substance use service, early intervention service, or child care service offered by a school.
    • Complete the online IdentoGo application and schedule a fingerprinting appointment at location of your choice.

    • Once you complete the fingerprinting process, you will be sent "unofficial results" via email. 

    • Make a copy of these results and submit them to the OLV Preschool Director.


    Step 4: Additional Requirements

    Gather for submission to the OLV Preschool Director:

    1. Recent photo

    2. Copy College transcripts (if applicable)

    3. Copy of High School Diploma (if no college transcript is available)

    4. Copy of Teaching Certificate (if applicable)

    5. Copy of First Aid/CPR Training Certificate/Card (if available)

    6. Copy of Fire Safety Training Certificate (if available)

    Step 5: Submit Paperwork to OLV Preschool Director

    Submit all paperwork listed above to: 

    Dr. Dawn Lorenz
    OLV Preschool
    810 Westerly Parkway
    State College, PA 16801