• Welcome to OLVCS Strings!
    Grades 3 - 8

    Email Mrs. Huff: huffp@olvcs.org

    Weekly Schedule

    Small group lessons each week during school
    OLVCS Strings rehearsals on Mondays (grades 4-8)
    2:40 - 3:30 pm in the new Music Room (old location of Library)
    Third Graders rehearse on Wednesdays
    2:40 - 3:30 pm in the new Strings Office (Mrs. Waltz's old office)
    (The 3rd graders will transition to Mondays in the Spring.)

    Parents pick up after rehearsals at the back of the school (parent pick-up door near gym) at 3:30 pm. 

    Let me know if I should instead send your student to ASAP after Strings is done at 3:30.

    4th-8th graders will be performing before

    Mass on OLV Day

    Oct. 7th, 8:55 am

    Amazing Grace


    Flexible Instruction for 3rd graders video 

    Partners in Music Information for 5th graders


    Parent/Student Portal

  • Lessons begin after Labor Day.

    After school groups begin the week of Sep. 12th.

    JR Judd will be coming to the school for size-up exchanges the week of Sep. 12th.

    Request size-up here.


    Practice with Minuet 3


    Practice with Amazing Grace


    Practice with the Mandalorian

    Click on the settings wheel on the bottom right and choose .85 X speed for practice.





    Great job on the Spring concert!


    Christmas concert videos
    starts around 5:30