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    Instrument Care 
    Be careful with temperature - don't let the instrument get too hot or too cold.  Don't leave the violin in a car.  Don't store near a heater or cold window or door.  Keep it in the case (when not playing) to keep it safe from pets and little brothers & sisters.  Even when storing the instruments carefully, the colder weather can affect the strings so the slip out of tune.  The string will sound very wrong, and feel loose.  This can easily be fixed by turning the peg on the string.  But you have to know what you're doing or you can break the string by turning it too tight.  See the parent tuning helps from here.
    Beginning students:
     Please watch these videos about instrument care.
    Working up to Lesson 10, with the goal of learning the Oreo Song soon. 
    Please give access to the "Recordings" from link above for practicing along with the piano parts.

    Returning students:

    1st grade: Working on "Songs for Little Players" and learning the Twinkle Theme and all variations. Starting the Suzuki companion book with practice boxes and Lightly Row.

    2nd grade: If "Songs for Little Players", isn't finished, there's a big push to get that done.  Twinkle variations every day.  Let's see how far we can get in the Suzuki book!  Everyone will prepare a spotlight "solo" for the recital.

    3rd grade:  We have so much to learn. This spring, we'll start to play with professional bow hold.  Sight reading is a major focus, as well as playing in parts.  We need to learn lots more Suzuki songs, get more skills, and start learning advanced notes (not on the tapes).  We'll prepare to play with the older strings group.



    All returning students should be playing the Twinkle Variations & Theme every day.  This is the best way to make steady progress.  Please click on "Recordings" above.  Ask your child to show you their "Songs I Know" sheet.  Ask to see the gold paper with the Twinkle variations and Fun Songs on it. 


    Please give your child access to "Recordings" above, as well as the audio Suzuki Violin Book 1 (artist: William Preucil).  

    This can be downloaded from Amazon: 

    Download Suzuki Violin book 1 recordings here.

     It's also on iTunes or Amazon Music, or you can purchase a CD here.

    These are not optional.  The investment you put in listening pays off big.  Please give your child access to the recordings.

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    If you need to return an instrument to JR Judd or get a bigger size, contact them here.