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    Problem solving. Creativity. Logic. Perseverance. 



    Course Topics 

    code.org link for 3B students Fundamentals of Computer Science: 
    • Programming Concepts: This includes algorithms, programs, loops, and if then else statements.
    • Mathematical skills: Adding and subtracting pixels, determining angle measurements, and critical thinking are applied to complete levels on Code.org.
    • Language/Social Skills: By participating in Pair Programming, the students take turns acting as the driver or navigator while coding.

    typing.come login link

    Students begin every technology class with typing practice. 
    • Beginner students focus on proper posture and using both hands on the keyboard. They make an effort to use their right hand for letters on the right hand side of the keyboard, and their left hand for letters on the left. 
    • Advanced Students build on these goals by also working on proper finger placement, using the Home Row, and increasing speed. Typing tests are given monthly so students can assess their progress.

    Google Drive App link
    Google Apps for Education:
    • Drive: Students can create and save files, access them from any device, and share them instantly. Students practice using formatting tools in Google Docs and best practices for creating presentations in Google Slides.

    Digital Passport link Digital Citizenship: 
    • Online Safety: Creating passwords and learning how to identify appropriate websites
    • Communication: Developing smart texting habits
    • Privacy and Sharing Online: Not sharing personal information online like name, address, or age
    • Plagarism and Fair Use: Respecting copyrights
    • Cyberbullying: How to be an Upstander to Cyberbullying


    Scratch Logo
     Coding with Scratch:

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    Kahoot!  Kahoot:
    Works on any device with an internet connection.