• Hockey Scholars  

    National Hockey League
    Hockey Scholar Program


    Currently students have Lesson 6 - The Stick due this Friday, Feb 7.  We will resume hockey scholars after IOWA testing starting the 6 remaining lessons. 6th graders are doing an excellant job of note taking during each lesson as they learn how science helps the sport of hockey.  

    All NHL teams around the country contributed money to develop and provide this FREE 12 module program to learn about science and math using hockey to middle school teachers.  In addition to watching videos and learning about uses of science and math in the game of hockey, students get to "play games" to practice what they learn.  

    Similar to having to complete 15 minutes of IXL practice in math each week, 6th grade science students will be required to complete a lesson (20-40 mins) every week.  There is NO late work accepted unless student has excused absence from school the day the work is due.