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    Book Fair




    This was a record-breaking year!  Even without Family Fun Night on Friday, your children showed tremendous support of the book fair, and we had our best year yet.  Teachers have already received nearly $900 worth of books for their classrooms with rewards dollars from the $3300 that we earned.  The children showed tremendous kindness and generosity as they shared their money with other students who had none.  They purchased items for brothers and sisters over themselves many times.  They donated extra change to the basket I keep aside for those who don't have quite enough when they are checking out.  Students often chose to purchase something for their teachers, and they used practical life skills when making decisions of what to purchase based on cost or practicality.  It was an astounding week, and I am so impressed with all that I observed.  Thank you for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair and for allowing your children to participate.